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This Weblog should have had 2 major issues: a documentaion of the a)own scientific progress and b)a personal reflection.
The use of this weblog was that I have learned how to use it, which I did not know before I did the course.

a)scientific progress
The brief documentation of the own scientific progress is documentet under "Datei", with the conclusions that 1)I will investigate more in the issue about "Critical Realism" too for my phd, and that 2)I become much moore aware about the issue form "interdisziplinarity" and that I really like it.

Following 1)For me personally a weblog for the own scientific progress is not as usefull as I have better overview on my computer about the most important issues for my phd, hence I did not put all documents in this weblog, because I t would just have been a copy thing.

Following 2) Anyway when you work in group I like to use a weblog, although I will use a other structure for the blog the next time.

b) personal reflection
Through the order to create a weblog concerning a personal question, I createt a real useful sheet but with a "Word Exel" programm.
It was a kind of a personal diary. The idea behind was to conduct an experiment. I did a personal observation on my live. I wrote everyday in once column things which concerned me. Finally durring the reflection I realised that a special issues come up regularly, and this weekend I managed to solve this personal prblem with the result that I have now more space in my mind to concentrate on my phd.
As this kind of weblog is very personal I dont want to publish it, but for me personally it helped a lot to become really aware about this special issue.

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